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Car Exhausts Ossett

If you have noticed a difference in the performance of your vehicle, such as increased fuel consumption, rattling there could be a fault with your exhaust system.

At Ossett Tyre House we offer all our customers a FREE check as part of the service. Simply fill out the enquiry form on the website, call us or pop in for a chat.

What does your car exhaust actually do?

The car's exhaust system is quite simply a method of removing the used gasses from within the engine that are produced by the combustion.

How an engine works?

The majority of vehicle engines use a four-stroke system to generate the power needed to power the vehicle.

  • Intake: with the piston at the top the intake valve opens and the piston moves down to fill the cylinder with fuel and air.
  • Compression: the valve moves back up to compress the mixture to make the explosion more powerful
  • Ignition: when the piston reaches the top a spark is created, the mixture in the cylinder is ignited driving down the piston.
  • Exhaust: the exhaust valve is then opened to let the spent gasses escape.

It is important to maintain your vehicles exhaust, as having a faulty exhaust can significantly impact on your vehicles ability to run efficiently.

Car exhaust inspection:

As previously mentioned we offer all customers a free exhaust inspection and check at our Ossett depot where our highly trained exhaust technicians use the very latest diagnostic equipment in order to accurately inspect your exhaust and diagnose any faults.

Exhaust repairs:

Once a fault has been diagnosed we will often be able to offer you the option to have the car exhaust repaired at our Ossett depot.

Exhausts are usually made up using several sections and we can often repair an exhaust system by replacing a section or physically repairing a section.

Car exhaust replacement:

At Ossett Tyre house we have always sought to offer fantastic value and when compared to many of our competitions are seen to offer cheap car exhaust replacement in Ossett.

Whilst our prices may be highly competitive we would never compromise on the quality of the work we carry out or the quality of the parts we provide.

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