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Exhausts Dewsbury

If you are in Dewsbury and looking to have your car exhaust inspected, repaired or replaced then our team at Ossett Tyre house are fully equipped and ready to help.

Why choose us for car exhausts in Dewsbury?

Quite simply we believe we offer the best value and most professional services available in the area. We have fully trained and highly qualified specialist exhaust mechanics and technicians who have the latest diagnostic and mechanical equipment available to carry out repairs or replacements to damages exhausts.

We have been operating in the area for over 40 years through three generations of the same family and at our core we pride ourselves in providing fantastic service and great value for money.

Additionally we will only ever supply quality parts, even though we are competitive on price we never compromise on quality so you can rest assured you will get great service at a great piece.

If you are searching for cheap exhaust repairs in Dewsbury or cheap exhaust replacements Dewsbury then call us today.

Why is the Exhaust important?

Car exhausts carry out a very important function, they act as a way of disposing the gasses created when the engine is running.

When the engine reaches it’s last cycle the exhaust valve is opened to let the gas escape, if an exhaust is working efficiently it reduces the pressure created by the gas escaping and therefore improves the cars performance and fuel efficiency.

Most modern exhausts have converters built in which act to change the toxic gasses into water vapour, if exhausts are damaged it can have the effect of damaging both the efficiency of the engine, the fuel consumption as well as letting harmful gasses escape into the atmosphere.

Most modern fuel injected cars will also have in built oxygen sensors that will communicate with the vehicles on board computer, this will in turn adjust the ratios of fuel into the system in order to maximize the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

Free car exhaust inspection Dewsbury

As part of our commitment to offering fantastic customer service to our customers in the Dewsbury area we offer completely free of charge car exhaust inspections. If you feel the engine is nor running smoothly or you feel vibrations it may be an indication that there is problem with the exhaust, we will inspect it free of charge and can provide very competitive quotes for repairs or replacements.

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