Hybrid Vehicle Servicing

Keep your Hybrid Vehicle running smoothly with a specialist Hybrid Service from Ossett Tyre House.

Using the latest Hybrid techniques and equipment we offer both Interim and Full Servicing on all makes and models of Hybrid and Fully electric cars.

Our Highly skilled, hybrid trained technicians are able to carry out complex servicing on all makes and models.

All Hybrid trained technicians go through the proper technical training to ensure we are best equipped to properly service and maintain your hybrid vehicle.

What is the difference between a hybrid service and a standard service?

At Ossett Tyre House our technicians are fully trained and qualified to work on Hybrid and Electric cars.

In the vast majority of cases the service levels for both types of vehicles are the same but check your owners manual for the recommended service schedules.

We offer both Interim and Full Services for these vehicles using the latest practices and diagnostic equipment.

There are many elements of servicing that remain the same for both standard & hybrid engine vehicles.

The additional elements in a hybrid engine include the following areas :

  • High voltage cables
  • Checking the inverter coolant
  • Charging ports
  • Battery health checks

Let the Ossett Tyre House Team look after all your automotive requirements, all work is guaranteed and carried out by qualified technicians.