Drive Safe- Correct Wheel Balancing



Wheel Balancing and tracking are very important for maximising the life of your tyres as well as maximising the performance of your vehicle.

Wheel Balancing evens out the imperfections in either the tyre and wheel to ensure that your vehicle drives smoothly. There are a few sign that you may notice if the wheels are out of balance. One of the first signs will be a vibration through the steering wheel or driver’s seat at certain speeds. Another sign is that the tyres may wear unevenly across the tread.

Tracking is the realignment of the wheels to ensure that they are all running parallel to one another. This helps to prevent the tread from scrubbing and wearing prematurely. There are many factors on the roads today that can cause the wheels to become unaligned such as, Potholes, driving up kerbs or suspension faults.

If you would like to book in for Wheel Balancing or Tracking please feel free to call in or contact us on 01924 271081. For speedy tracking services in Ossett use our online form to send us your queries. 

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