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Protecting your vehicle from electronic theft

At last, and very new to the market, comes a product that will foil any attempt to steal your vehicle via your On-Board Diagnostic port. This is great news for private car owners, hire and rental companies and company car providers alike. And you can get yours here!

The stratospheric rise of car theft

The threat of electronic car theft is an ever-increasing problem and any modern vehicle, not just the high-end models are under threat. There has been much coverage in the national press about the theft of cars in 30 seconds or less without the need for the owner’s keys. It’s not just theft for thefts sake – there is an increase of thefts connected to organised crime with many vehicles being stolen to be trafficked to take part in or finance other crimes.

The modern threat of electronic compromise

Vehicle anti-theft devices have become more complex and robust over recent years but the one area that can be exploited by thieves is through the On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) port. Attack tool designers have been able to bring their tools to market (in the guise of legitimate service diagnostic tools) and sell them via the internet. It is not a crime to buy or possess one, and that’s all you need to steal a modern vehicle. The tool works by imitating or intercepting the coded signals sent between the OBD port and the unlocking device.

Theft equipment is also used to clone keys without owner knowledge (think about the amount of times you leave your keys while you get your car cleaned or make use of valet parking/airport parking). However, the days of electronic thief are drawing to an end.

How OBD Protectors works

This clever little device when installed is permanently armed. It comes with 2 authorisation cards (registered to the owner) and the OBD port cannot be accessed without this card.

Key features

  • Vehicle warranty – as there is no hard wiring the OBD Protectors installation will not interfere with any other systems or the build of the vehicle and will not adversely affect future warranty claims
  • Will work with the majority of plug-in telematics systems
  • The authorisation card can be used to disarm the car while it is being serviced but will automatically re-arm after a set time lapse if the switch has not been re-set
  • Easy operation and low maintenance – set and forget!
  • Registration through The International Security Register to ensure safety of information and systems

The OBD Protectors is the first Thatcham Quality Assured product of this type on the market and has been independently attack tested and verified.

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