The New R1234YF Gas


We are delighted to announce that in addition to the standard re gassing for Air Conditioning systems invehicles we now are able to offer the new R1234YF gas.

Since 2015 many vehicles have been fitted with this more efficient and cleaner gas which is better for both vehicle and the planet.

We offer a set price for both cars and SUV's as follows 

Cars £132.00 including vat 

SUV's £168.00 including vat 

Air Conditioning Servicing

Car air conditioning is not just for those hot summer days when having the windows down just does not do the trick. Your air conditioning system also helps in damp conditions, such as when the windscreen fogs up.

Usually when the fans don’t get as cold as they used to, or the fog simply isn’t clearing, this could well be down to a loss of gas pressure or even a leak in the vehicles air conditioning system.


What is included in an Air Conditioning Service

Our fully trained air conditioning technicians remove all the old gas from the system before performing a compression test to check there are no leaks in the system. If a leak is found a dye is used to locate the problem so that we can then advise what may need replacing.

If the system holds pressure the air conditioning System will be filled with new gas and lubricants and then tested again in order to ensure the system is operating at its optimum.

When should I have my car air conditioning serviced?

It is advised that you should have your Air Conditioning System recharged with Fresh Gas and Lubricants every 2 years and not just when it stops working. This also helps to prevent the horrible smell you might experience when the fans come on from stale gasses.

Car air conditioning Ossett

We have all the necessary testing and diagnostic equipment here in our Ossett depot in order to carry out all types of servicing on car air conditioning for all makes and models.

Book car air conditioning service in Ossett, Dewsbury & Wakefield?

We believe in making it as easy as possible, for customers looking for car air conditioning servicing in Ossett, Wakefield, Dewsbury and the surrounding areas call us today and book your car air conditioning service.

If you would like to book in for an Air Conditioning Service please call us on 01924 271081 or email at

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